mardi 22 janvier 2013

The Sunic Journal: Interview with Robert Steuckers

The Sunic Journal:

Interview with Robert Steuckers

Tom interviews with prominent European scholar and thinker Robert Steuckers, a cofounder of the European New Right. Topics include:
  • How mainstream political parties repeatedly conform to Politcal Correctness;
  • The artificial state of Belgium;
  • How nationalist revolution lies with us, not them;
  • The ongoing encyclopedic effort to recuperate our lost European intellectual heritage;
  • Bulletpoint
  • The meaning of metapolitics in postmodernity.
About Robert Steuckers
Robert is and essayist, translator and encyclopedist. He has translated hundreds of scholarly pieces from German, Dutch and English into Flemish, Italian and French. He runs the websites Vouloir and Euro-Synergies which contain essays in 7 different languages covering various fields of thought ranging from geopolitics to sociobiology and even medieval culture. Robert’s webzines and journals consistently give emphasis to writings from and about important “revolutionary conservative” thinkers.
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